North Island meanderings…August 2015

Near the end of August we got itchy feet again so decided to head up Whanganui way. Evidence of the recent flooding was still very much in evidence around the river areas but mostly it was all ‘business as usual’.

06 SS Orb Wanganui
Sculpture along the Whanganui River walkway
07 Fishing Wanganu
Locals fishing the Whanganui breakwater

While browsing around the town we happened upon a ‘window tinting’ place and as this is something we have talked about doing for some time – made an appointment to have it done there. We dropped the ‘truck’ off early a couple of mornings later and passed away the time in a McCafe lingering over coffee and reading the papers till the shops opened so we could go and do a bit of shopping until we got the text advising it was ready for pick-up.

We decided to go for the darkest tint and it was the best result we could have hoped for. Whereas the windows around the back were so see-through it was like living in a goldfish bowl, now during the daytime we have complete privacy. One of the best things we have done for sure. OK it is going to be darker inside earlier during the winter but that is a trade-off we can put up with for a few months of the year.

This trip we went as far as Wainui Beach (turnoff at Waitotara) for a few days before heading back. It’s a nice place to stop at the large public reserve there ($5/night during winter $10/night over summer). Good for long walks along the beach, or surf casting if you feel inclined.

We had to cut this journey short as we’d received a phone call that one of our appointments in Wellington had been brought forward so our intention to visit New Plymouth was put on hold.


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