North Island meanderings…June 2015

Early June saw us doing a trip to Auckland to purchase the lithium batteries that Neville was keen to fit into the motorhome – he has been researching this option for some time and concluded that this the best way for us to support the ‘mains’ fridge we installed last month. Together with the solar panels this will make us pretty much independent on the road seeing as we are travelling full-time. The fridge is also ‘battery friendly’ as it runs on the new digital inverter technology which means it runs continually and controls the temperature by running slower or faster as needed (no huge surge current needed on start-up). It’s very energy efficient (4.5 star rated) and best of all…it auto defrosts (a feature that gas or 12v fridges don’t have) – the best thing since ‘sliced bread’ as far as I’m concerned!

We didn’t linger in Auckland and escaped as soon as we could, heading around the Miranda Coast to spend a night at Rays Rest. It was raining and the sky was moody and dark making for interesting reflections at low tide.

01 Rays Rest s

Next stop was Paeroa where we spent a few days at the RV Park to catch up on laundry and Neville took out the old batteries, installed the new lithium ones, sorted out all the re-cabling and started on setting up the monitoring instruments. Electronics is his ‘trade’ so he had it all pretty much sussed out by the time we left. The local auto electrician bought the old batteries off us – so we departed Paeroa ‘lighter’ and with 300Ah of battery capacity.

We travelled through Tauranga to catch up with old friends and thence to Whakatane and Palmerston North to see family and arrived back in the Wellington area by the end of the month to attend appointments. Passing through the Kapiti area, it still feels like ‘home’ and I guess it will continue to do so for some time.


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