Finding our wheels…and getting organised

Early in 2014 we started looking around the North Island for a motorhome that filled most of our ‘wish lists’: a truck chassis, cab-over bed, good lounging area, cooker with grill & oven, decent bench space, good storage, diesel heater, space to fit a bigger mains fridge, ample fresh & grey water tanks, drive on a Class1 Licence, less than 7m, good ground clearance. It was all a big ask as we viewed lots of possibilities but were mostly disappointed by what we saw.

We finally found what we wanted in Dunedin and ended up with a 2009 Mitsubishi Canter Fuso with only 10,000km on the clock, 6.7m long, a great layout inside and our wish-list mostly complete. We excitedly brought it back to Waikanae in December 2014. Which meant we had to quickly sell our Van and Car to make room for it on the driveway.

By this time the house had the “For Sale” sign up outside but we still had a base in which to do the mods we wanted to do on the motorhome – solar panels; big mains fridge; new battery system; lots of re-wiring jobs to name a few; plus the general kitting out – seeing what fits and where!

We did lots of small trips away in the ‘truck’ while waiting for the house to sell and it proved very handy when ‘home’ as we virtually moved into it on the driveway which kept the house nice and tidy for Open Homes every weekend.

The house sold at the end of February 2015 but settlement wasn’t till the end of May. By that time we were champing at the bit to move on but it meant we had plenty of time to sell furniture, move some of our ‘stuff’ into a storage unit in Levin and empty out the house.

Our New Home


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