In the beginning…a bit of history

Neville and I have always been travellers and explorers and started on our journeys together, many moons ago back in the early 1980’s.   Those days it was in a little Hillman Imp with our tent stuffed in the back and later a car towing a boat or a little trailer behind and a bigger tent.  We then graduated to buying the first of a number of vans that we converted ourselves into very practical ‘campers’ which saw us through many years of touring around NZ.

We also ventured across the ditch to Australia for holidays, hiring vans to do our exploring and always lamented that we couldn’t just carry on driving to see more of the country – our holidays were always too short.

In 2003 we made a big decision to give up our jobs, sold our home in Wellington and flew to Brisbane to look for a suitable motorhome. We ended up buying a 6m Winnebago and this trusty steed saw us safely through 86,000 kms in a big figure-of-8 around mainland Australia and 9 weeks in Tasmania.  Our 3 years of meandering with no timetable was a dream come true. We saw so many places, met some great people and really loved the lifestyle.  But with our budget depleted it was with great regret that we sold “Winnie” and returned to NZ in 2006.  It sure was a shock to the system having to rejoin the ‘ratrace’ – finding work, buying another home and settling down in one place again.

Since then we always had that hankering to get back to the ‘gypsy’ lifestyle, so with our Retirement looming up in November 2014 we decided we’d sell our current Toyota Hiace camper and up-size to a motorhome similar to what we left behind in Australia.  After weighing up all the pros and cons, we again made the decision to put our house on the market and free ourselves up, so we could live on the road full time.


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